ECV Low Lift Pallet Truck

ECV Low Lift Pallet Truck

ECV 10C High Lift Pallet Truck

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ECV Features

  • Flexible right down to the tips of the forks: Be it light stacking tasks up to 1,867 mm the use as a mobile workbench
  • Our most compact pallet stacker: Because of the extremely small front end it impresses even in the tightest working areas
  • Extremely high levels of safety: Low chassis frame and speed reduction based on lift height

Are you looking for a starter truck in the world of pallet stackers? Allow us to introduce the ECV 10 C. With a mono mast and a maximum lifting capacity of up to 1,200 kg it can be used for a wide range of applications. Whether being used for stacking applications up to 1,867 mm or to provide ergonomic support as a mobile workbench, the ECV 10 C is an all-rounder. The easy-grip tiller for left- and right-handed operators enables precise operation of all of the driving and lifting functions. For more information about this pedestrian stacker please contact us.