• Description


Combi-CSS Features

  • 30,000kg capacity
  • 16560mm overall length
  • 3250mm width
  • 9780mm Container frame length
  • 37kW 3 Phase motor
  • Container sizes 20’/30’/40′
  • Slip sheet material Hardox 500
  • 13600mm Hydraulic stroke mechanism
  • 40′ in 6 mins

The patented Combi-CSS is a low, free-standing platform with a dual-directional motor-driven pulling mechanism that moves a Hardox 500 steel sheet. The sheet is guided into the container by the mechanism underneath, ensuring safe loading without any risk of product damage.

When the goods are fully loaded within the container, a hydraulic rear barrier gate, fixed to the end of the platform, holds the material within the container while the metal sheet is slipped out from underneath it, hence the name.

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