Aisle-Master LPG Forklift

Aisle-Master LPG Forklift

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Aisle-Master LPG Forklift Features

  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Closed loop fuel system as standard
  • Engine bay cooling system designed to effectively cool the engine compartment, for maximum reliability

The Aisle-Master LPG is fitted with a closed loop fuel system as standard. This is to improve emissions and fuel economy. It also has a specially designed engine bay cooling system. This ensures the effective running of the engine for maximum uptime and reliability.

The main benefit of LPG is reduced emissions levels, ideal for indoor and outdoor operation, making it useful for trucks that are used in almost all industries, even the most emission conscientious. LPG power also offers 24/7 operation with no loss of power.

Main benefits of AC electric include enhanced performance levels, leading to increased pallet movements for greater productivity and improved acceleration and gradeability. There are also fewer wearable parts resulting in low maintenance and reduced downtime.

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